by Connie Cook Smith
published in the Peoria (IL) Journal Star
Christmas Eve, 2012

At this season and always, I have a wish-list for the world.

I wish for hearty food for all who are hungry, for clean, abundant water for all who are thirsty, for good clothing for all who are poor.

I wish for warm blankets for all who are cold, for cool breezes for all who are miserably warm, for nice beds for all who need rest.

I wish for pleasant shelter for all who are homeless or poorly housed, for cheap, simple cures for all who suffer disease or disability. I wish for hugs and backrubs for all who are lonely.

I wish for "the peace that surpasses understanding" for all who grieve. I wish for all religions to practice the Golden Rule, to treat all people with equal respect. I wish for all governments to guarantee individual rights and freedoms, and for humanity to arrive at no need, and no desire, for guns and war.

I wish for everyone to find the healthy, prosperous work they love, the enjoyable and peaceful retirement they deserve. I wish for all of us to learn how to give and receive the gentle love that makes everyday worth living.

# # #

Monday, April 22, 2013


My perspective has long been that the time/space continuum is just a segment of reality, which accounts for many reports of phenomena beyond our understanding. 

Our 5 senses tend to not register realities beyond this segment -- but even dogs perceive more than we generally do.  In our daily-structured life, we tend to live in a box -- which is why "thinking outside the box" results in advances in every sort of knowledge.

The ETs that I know of impart that they can access this box -- "but I wouldn't wanna live there!"  ;)   ETs don't really "travel" through space.  Since they understand different levels of reality, or dimensions, they pretty much "jump" from one level to another -- with time and space being a rather obsolete construct to them.

These ones are simply more evolved than we are and therefore have the knowledge of greater reality that we tend to not have.  (And people on earth who say they do have it -- who perceive more than others do -- are regarded as "weird.") 

The ETs convey that we are evolving as they have, and we are heading into creating a greater reality on earth.  They're very interested in how we're coming along, and wish to help, but not interfere -- the only exception being their causing all-out nuclear war attempts to fizzle. Also, our own human interest itself has reached a point where we can begin to comprehend reality beyond our box, and are becoming more open to it.

Like humans, there are good ETs and bad ones.  But there's a lot of scuttlebutt the bad ones have been run off now.  However, the bad humans are in a gruesome, dinosaur-tail, last-gasp onslaught to maintain the control (and the ill-gotten wealth) that they've had here, for just ages!  But they will fail. 

Perhaps it now may be they've just gone too far, that the Boston plot will be exposed -- and as Bush Sr. is so infamous for saying -- "Why, if they knew all we'd done, they would chase us down the streets and hang us from the lampposts!"  Hmm.  Boston, with its history, would be a good venue for exactly that...